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Міністерство праці та соціальної політики України
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Чернівецької області

15.07.2008 for the first time in Ukraine started a real collaboration between centres of social and medical rehabilitation: in one room under one roof  began operating a complex system - Joint Clinic of Rehabilitation “School of Life “, where children are treated with the following nosology:

-     organic lesion of the nervous system;

-      diseases of the musculoskeletal system that are subject to neuro-                  orthopaedic correction ;

-     mental and behavioural disorders ;  

-     birth defects.

Clinic includes: the outpatient department, diagnostic, hospital, physiotherapy department and socio-pedagogical unit.

In the outpatient department, patients have access to expert advice: paediatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, Bobath therapist, clinical psychologist and orthopaedist.

In the diagnostic department there are possibilities of neurophysiologic   and ultrasound examinations:

-         Echoencephalography;

-         Electroencephalography: round-the-clock patient monitoring;

-         Neurosonogrsphy;

-         ultrasound of the abdomen, hip;

-         electrocardiography

-         Doppler arterial brain vessels, vessels of upper and lower extremities;

-         electroneuromyography with a magnetic stimulation.

Clinic is designed for 90 visits a day: 30 stationary patients and 60 outpatients.

 Work hours from 9:00 to 18:00.

 Rehabilitation treatment lasts (depending on need) from 14-30 days to 6 months. The inpatient department has 15 rooms with  two beds in each.

 Beds are wide, comfortable, so mother could relax with her child. Each room has its own interior.

In the physiotherapy department of children involved in the gym, walk correction hall, where by "Gravistat" (reflex-loading device) they can put the right foot to straighten their posture, learn to walk properly. With great pleasure children attend Hydrokinesotherapy, where they do exercises in water to improve range of different body parts. Special importance for the patients in department has paraffin and ozokerit therapy, salt therapy room, diverse electric procedures. A sensory integration room - the most favourite place, where children are happy. That is as an additional therapy tool that improves the efficiency of any measures aimed at improving mental and physical health of the child.

In the socio-pedagogical unit children work with psychologists, speech therapists, special and social pedagogues, educators, teachers, rehabilitation and their assistants. With great pleasure children attend computer class, music classes, ergotherapy. For each child   the individual program and rehabilitation route are developed.

Our experts had a practical study courses in: Ukrainian medical rehabilitation centre in Kyiv, Ukraine Defence Yevpatoria sanatorium, resort and spa complex rehabilitation Hadzhibey Odessa, Mykolayiv State complex early rehabilitation in Nikolaev and integration centre cerebral palsy ICP Munich (Germany).





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